Experience Design



We created an experience for the Absolut Electrik Limited Edition launch party and following promotional campaign for the Korean market.

To celebrate this launch, we merged music from major international producer DJ Falcon and cutting edge technology art by Korean media artist Viktor Jan in the first connected house party in the heart of the busy area of Gangnam in Seoul.
Within the Electrik House, guests were able to live out Absolut’s vision of a house party transformed through a massive electronic music stage, live mapping and lasers installation.
Around 1500 influencers, media and selected consumers were invited to the Absolut Electrik House to enjoy a new creative nightlife experience.


Concept Design - Viktor Jan
Space Design - RADICAL
Media Design - Viktor Jan
Interaction Design - RADICAL
Experience Design - RADICAL
Space Branding - CCC, RADICAL
Organising - CCC
Client - PRK Korea, Absolute Korea