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the studio K describes imaginary place, which is created by media artist, Viktor Jan.
This collaboration work is all about the dimensions and the gap between two different dimension. 2015 S/S Collection starts from the imaginary place. The title of the collection 'Both Side Now' is visualised from two different dimensional spaces with variation of Layer format which uses for media arts. Delicate and realistic landscape graphics express the collection. 
The reason why 2015 S/S Collection title named Both Side Now which is not Both Sides Now is we want to tell you the one place where two spaces, land and the ocean meet together. 

During the design concept process, we designed 3 dimensions, over the gound, under the ocean and the between both dimensions, I call it the gap between 2 different dimsion as inter-division.
The dimension that described as over the ground is seamless landscape that could exist in real world, as well as the oceanscape. The inter-division is the hyper space like worm hole. The vision in that space, will be distorted and disoriented. The pattern from these inspiration has been created as landscape, ocaenscape and optical illusion pattern. 



Client - The Studio K
Director -  Viktor Jan
Fashion Show - RADICAL
Fashion Film - RADICAL