LUNA is the finalist design for Young Architects Program 2015 organised by Hyundai Card, MMCA and MoMA as Hyndai Card Culture Project. This work is a collaboration project with Notion Architecture. We designed the pavilion that can provide shades, shelter, water feature and platform for massive event to public. The idea behind the Luna is minimalism of usage and design. We value more playful natural experience through unmaterial medium or dematerialisation of medium, such as shadow, light and water. In other words, energy that crated from people could be the media and the unmaterial media can fill into the material space. That experience from material space could be dematerialised into energy. It is cycle. 
LUNA will bring people a childhood once again or make their child have a happy memory.

"Dematerialisation guarantees more dimensions of imagination, because it is more flexible, more changeable and adaptive. ...The transformation of solid materiality into processes of energy changes light, air and time into spatial materials. "
PASCAL SCHO?NING - Architect, Philosopher



Warm Up Program
We suggest a moon festival every 20th of each month from July to Sepember.
On each day a different live media performance will be performed onto the pavilion structure.
The duration of each live performance is approx. 1 hour.

20. JUL. 2015 (MON)
The day humanity's first landing on the mooon in 1969

20. AUG. 2015 (THU)
'Chilwolchilseok' for lovers 7th of July, lunar calendar, the day altair and vega meets. (from traditional tale)

20. SEP. 2015 (SUN)
'Chuseok' a full moon festival a week before 15th of September, lunar calendar. (tradition)


Concept Design - Notion Architecture, Viktor Jan
Architecture Engineering Design - Notion Architecture
Media Program Design - Viktor Jan
Interaction Design - RADICAL
Experience Design - Notion Architecture, Viktor Jan
Space Branding - Notion Architecture, Viktor Jan
Modelling - Notion Architecture
Visual Simulation, Film - RADICAL
Organising - MMCA, MoMA, Hyndai Card