Military Memento



Military Memento

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How often do we look back on the past during daily lives? 
What kind of experience and thoughts in the past impact on you?

ABRAHAM K HANGUL FW 2014 Collection starts from the two questions above and tries to depict a lot of factors which are created in the past and effect to human lives in the present, such as experience, thoughts, memories, and especially, 'WAR' - the expression of conflict.

Human being has been expressed conflicts through numerous wars from the beginning till today.
Those conflicts were because of ethnic or ideology in a larger sense, and because of various private reasons that a person has in a smaller sense. And, those wars accorded victory and triumphant senses in various figures to the survivors and made them to live today strongly. On the other hand, the survivors got another figure of fortitude in order to live in the present which might be even more painful than butchery, torture, mental & physical aftereffect, etc. coming from war.



Director -  Viktor Jan
Photography - Heunsuk Jung
Sound - Ben Khan