No Human Eyes Have Ever Seen Before



No Human Eyes Have Ever Seen Before

Live Media Experience



Project 'No Human Eyes Have Ever Seen Before' was the title of the 1st anniversary party at Club Octagon, Seoul. Our media team got its hands dirty and threw itself into some good old handmade cutting and pasting to build a polygon structure for the projection mapping.
The concept of the project is what we have been searching for entire history. When we think of universe, it is obvious. Because we have been educated or brainwashed by all the data and images on media. That means we define the universe in our head instead of physical experience. Project is based on concept that another earth situates in our mind, and the sanctuary or utopia is not the place we can find anymore, it is already have been since the beginning of the human history. The problem is human being which destroy the pure purpose and pollute greater mind for the capitalism. So if we can reverse the time to the beginning, then we might have 2nd chance to have the another earth. 


Sculptures Info.

Octagon Ring
MDF, Timber
3300 x 3300 x 800 mm

3300 x 1600 x 2000 mm each


Client - Club Octagon
Director - Viktor Jan
PM- Jeremy Moon
Live Media - Viktor Jan, Monoid
Sculpture - Viktor Jan, Ji Um, Young
Sound - Seven Lions, Etrawelt, Dani shivers, Throwing Snow
Filmmaking - Viktor Jan
Graphic Design - DiDi
Location - Club Octagon, Seoul, KR