OUTBACK Flagship Restaurant



OUTBACK Flagship Restaurant

Interaction / Product Design



We created a Digital Signage Platform which for the brand new OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE in Gangnam District. Before its launch following promotional campaign 'OUTBACK The Starlight in Gangnam' has been placed at the site of construction.

The campaign consists of couple of interactive event between consumer and the brand. The 4 different media art contents playing 24/7 for a month untill its grand opening. The art work 'Light of the Wild' is under the campaign "Outback, the starlight in Gangnam", the contents consist of mixture art using material from food, animals and starlight in Australia. In this art work, there are hidden contents randomly place within. Once the people catch there eyes on the hidden contents, they can quickly grab the image to post on SNS to win dinner party ticket.

The Digital Signage Platform designed for OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE. We gathered information of clients needs and the workers needs to make easy of using the platform. The contents and running time management are designed for their best of interst. 

The Interactive Mirror is created for surprising people. When they look into mirror without any preconception that the mirror is interative, then the animal mask shows up and attached on reflection of their face. After launch the restaurant, the interactive mirror's 1st content stayed a month, then it became photo zone.


Concept Design - Viktor Jan
Product Design - RADICAL
Media Art - Viktor Jan
Interaction Design - RADICAL
Experience Design - RADICAL