Time Travel 1900



Time Travel 1900

Media Facade



To mix those emotions and atmosphere of what really feels like around site 'Jeong-Dong' back in 1900, we collect elements of sound, time, landscape and Appenzeller with his friends. So this work is more likely party expression within 2 different time, the present and the past. In other words, it is looking glass that you can see and hear the past and the ghost enjoying 1900s vibe in modern time. 


'time travel 1900' is an Architectural 3D Projection Mapping for celebrating of 6 years anniversary to opening Baejae History Museum. The work inspired by article from Henry G. Appenzeller's diary; 

"... For bidding are the bare hills and inhospitable seems the land from a ship s deck, but once within, the rich valleys and fertile farms reverse grandly the picture. Let no one judge, while at sea, the country's resources or dwell in his prejudices created by coast impressions. Looking like a cave from the outside, it is like Ali Baba's crypt of treasures when seen from within ..."
Henry G. Appenzeller - Missionary, Founder of Baejae School


BAEJAE History Museum 
w30000 x h18000 mm


Client - BAEJAE History Museum
Project Management -  SCALe
Director - Viktor Jan
Production - RADICAL